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About Us

Hawaii Audiology Consultants is the Islands' choice for On-Site Hearing Conservation Testing and Services since 1972.

Damien Waikoloa 
Hawaii Audiology Consultants, Inc.
Joy Waikoloa
Vice President,
Hawaii Audiology Consultants, Inc.
Evalyn Inn
Hawaii Audiology Consultants

Damien Waikoloa is the President and Co-Owner of Hawaii Audiology Consultants, Inc.  He continues a 50-year long tradition of protecting Hawaii’s hearing health as a family-owned, local business, passed down through three generations.

Joy Waikoloa is the Vice President and Co-Owner of Hawaii Audiology Consultants, Inc.


Hawaii Audiology Consultants was founded in 1972 by Evalyn Inn. A pioneer in hearing health, Evalyn was Hawaii's first licensed Audiologist.

After Evalyn’s passing in 2009, the company was incorporated and passed to Evalyn’s niece, Joy. The company evolved to provide Hawaii’s employers with best-in-class testing services, customized consultations, and training for hearing loss prevention. As Joy transitions into retirement in 2021, the company passes to Joy’s son, Damien.

Today, Hawaii Audiology Consultants, Inc. continues to work with companies of all sizes, in every industry imaginable, across the Hawaiian Islands. Whether you have a staff of 10 or 1,000, we can help protect your employees' hearing health and quality of life.

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