Our scope of services and fees are outlined below, and we will provide you with a custom quote upon initial consultation. For a minimal investment, you can protect your employeesfrom permanent audio damage sustained from prolonged exposure to damaging noise, and provide training on how to prevent hearing loss.


(5 - 7 minutes per test)

From $40 per test (2018)


Hearing test. We provide any preparation requirements prior to testing;

Audiologist analysis;

Recommendations. In compliance with OSHA guidelines, if STS (significant change in hearing level) is detected or if a need for medical referral is indicated;

Audiogram (hearing testing form) and noise exposure history questionnaire;

Follow-up call. Reminder prior to annual testing period to schedule yearly appointment

Sound booth (free of charge with on-site testing). The booth provides a neutralized environment in which to conduct testing

Company schedules pick up and return with Island Movers (moving fees generally range from $___ to ___)

Sound level readings. Use of a dosimeter is recommended to give an accurate report of noise level exposure throughout an eight-hour day

On-site Air Conduction Audiometric Test

(30 - 40 min)

$250 minimum per training session

$10 per person for 26-39 employees or $400 flat fee for 40 plus employees

How noise affects hearing

How and when to protect your hearing

How to read an audiogram (recorded hearing test results)

Follow-up questionnaire

Written protocol. We can assist in drafting written protocol for you (e.g. Employees are required to report for testing on a given date or must do it on their own time and expense; potential damages that may occur if hearing protection is not used in designated areas, etc.)

Travel, parking and airfare costs are quoted on a case-by-case basis


Hearing Conservation Training