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Our services help you to provide your Employees with a

Hearing Conservation Program and maintain compliance

with Occupational Noise Exposure, 29 CFR § 1910.95 regulations.

For our current schedule of fees, click here.


Audiometric Testing

From $49 per test 

A quick 5-7 minute test capturing an Employee's current hearing levels, per 29 CFR 1910.95(g). 

This service also includes:​​

  • Audiologist review of all tests

  • Detailed Audiologist recommendations and documentation for those exhibiting a Standard Threshold Shift (STS)

  • Complimentary re-test, if an STS is detected

  • Audiologist referral for further medical evaluation, as needed

 What you'll need to provide: a table, two chairs,

and a testing room that meets 

background sound pressure level requirements*.


We will provide everything else!

*If your work environment does not easily allow for a testing room that meets these requirements, ask us about sound booth options!

Hearing Conservation Training

Starting at $250 per Session

up to 25 Participants 

A customized Employee Training Session designed around your scheduling needs (ranging 30-60 minutes) and fulfills regulatory requirements, per 29 CFR 1910.95(k) 

This service covers:​​

  • How noise affects hearing

  • How and when to protect your hearing

  • How to read an audiogram

  • Check for Understanding and Q&A Discussion

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